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We hear all of our patient’s comments, concerns and questions and take them seriously. Here are a few FAQ’s for chiropractic treatment we have compiled.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments, or spinal manipulation, are used to increase joint motion, reduce spinal segment dysfunction and irritation to decrease pain, inflammation, muscle tension and improve the body’s physical function.  A patient typically lies down on a padded table in a comfortable position. Specific spinal segments are targeted and sudden force is applied to the spinal joints.  Chiropractors utilize a variety of high force and low force techniques, depending on the necessity and comfort level of the patient. High force low amplitude (HVLA) adjustments can be described at the more traditional form of the chiropractic adjustment, typically followed by a “pop” or a cavitation sound of the synovial joints. This is typically a very fast, but extremely shallow movement administered by the chiropractor.

Adjustments are done with specialized tools, tables or applied with direct pressure from a chiropractor’s hands and arms.

Most patients start seeing positive effects from treatment in just a few visits.

What is the popping sound?

This is a common FAQ’s for chiropractic treatment that comes up with patients each year.

Synovial fluid found in the cavities of joints is made up of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.  When joints shift the gases are suddenly released creating a popping or cracking sound.  This is not harmful when done by a professional or in moderation and can give a positive sensation to the patient.  The act relieves pressure on the joint and contributes to muscle relaxation.  Take caution if doing this habitually.  The fluid exists in that specific area to reduce friction between the joints.  Once compromised it may lead to chronic conditions.

Is it safe to crack your own back and neck?

The short answer: Leave it to trained professionals.  If you’re slowly stretching and your neck or back “cracks” that’s usually okay. Often it’s your body’s way of releasing tension. Working with a chiropractor is always recommended if you feel spinal tension because each joint and area of tension can be treated properly.  Frequent cracking and popping of one’s back or neck can become problematic.  This can cause the cartilage to wear out, ligaments get over stretched and joints become hypermobile.  It can eventually lead to more pain in the short run and degeneration in the long run.

How safe is chiropractic treatment?

Very safe.  However, with so much more research being dedicated to this area in past decades, the question comes up less.  This is the reason over 30 million people annually choose chiropractic care to help with back and neck pain.  All chiropractic clinicians go through rigorous testing and are board certified.  In fact, chiropractors have lower premiums than even medical doctors.  Essentially meaning, the insurance industry that analyzes and assesses risk and liability sees chiropractic care as a less risky endeavor than even traditional medical care.

The treatment is, as a point of fact, considered a part of the holistic approach. Strongly consider this a safe alternative to surgery and taking addictive medications.

We hope these FAQ’s for chiropractic care have answered your questions and alleviated some of your concerns. If you have further questions please contact us directly at the Pain & Injury Clinic of Utah in Ogden, UT and we’ll make it a priority to get back with you promptly.

Tina Christiansen
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I was referred to this clinic after my car accident! Dr. Davenport is amazing and his team. They are so friendly and professional! I have referred my husband and anyone that needs help! They will get you back feeling 💯 😊
Lance Erickson
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I was recommended by my father who has been treated by Sheena for multiple incidents. I went in after a car accident that affected my neck and back. Let me tell you this first, I have been treated by a few different massage therapists throughout the years and never have I met one so in tune. Sheena doesn’t just treat the affected area, but treats everything that is effecting it. That combined with her strength, her sense of humor, and the rest of the office, I’d say she is the best massage therapist I’ve been treated by, by far. She communicates well, and is so aware of you and your comfort. If you want to talk and laugh through the treatment, do it. If you need silence and calm, she’s going to let it happen. If you need to cry due to the pain, she’s there to soften the blow and calm you. She had kept me going through initial treatments, physical therapy, and I’ll be going to her for maintenance forever and ever. Dr. Davenport’s approach to Chiropractics is so refreshing. He educated me throughout my treatments and adapted well to what I needed. My body reacted very well to his approach. He is so willing to accommodate to my medical insurance needs along with those from my work. His bed side manner is kind, patient, understanding, and relatable. He’s very open to different methods and will give guidance as needed and requested. Then we have Alma and Lupe. So sweet and kind. They took care of my treatments and were so aware of me and my needs. They are so easy to converse with and open to humor. They are both very patient. They have been excellent in helping with scheduling and updating me when needed. And last by not least, Mandy (sorry if I spelt it wrong). When it has come to insurance requests and other administrative needs, she is there. So reliable. Very fun and sweet. I have always felt so supported by her. As you’ve read, this is an incredible team. They have gone above and beyond and I have recommended all that have been in need of their services. I wouldn’t be where I am today with as much healing, strength, balance, and education as I have, without this team. I highly recommend them to all those in need of their. I have no doubt that they will care for you as you need to be cared for. Thank you Dr. Davenport, Sheena, Alma, Lupe, and Mandy.
Diana Munn
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Very please with my adjustments by Dr. Davenport. Been having lower back pain for a couple months now. I tried the decompression table, what a relief that treatment does. Also, has awesome massage machine tables and chairs to choose from, to relax you, prior to your adjustment. Sheena is the absolute best therapist at finding trigger points with her massages. I feel so much relief after my appointment. I highly recommend coming here.
Mario Nickl
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I have seen Chiropractors for nearly 40 years and have greatly benefited from the treatment received. Recently, I started to see Dr. Dan Davenport at Pain and Injury Clinic of Utah to work on an inflamed elbow and a displaced rib. In all the years I have never seen a Doctor of Chiropractic work with such skill, display such knowledge and work on my sore back with such healing hands as Dr. Davenport. Not to mention, he is a really nice human being and the office staff is just terrific.
Happy Langs
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Dr Davenport and his staff are wonderful! Sheena is “hands down” the best massage therapist I have ever used and Dan is the most skilled chiropractor I know. He is thorough and highly proficient in his adjustment techniques as well as kind and caring. I always receive the best service and leave feeling renewed and properly aligned!
Jackie Brookman
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I absolutely highly recommend this place. Everyone is SO nice and they make you feel like you're where you're meant to be, and you are! They completely changed my life after my car accident and made me whole again. Very comfortable environment and very reasonably priced. Sheena gives the most amazing massage and Dr. Davenport is amazing as well. Go here. You will not regret it!
Emma Howard
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I absolutely loved my time at this clinic. All of the staff were super nice and time efficient. They always worked with my schedule and allowed me to come in whenever I could squeeze in time. My neck has healed significantly, and my headaches have disappeared. I highly recommend this clinic for any head, neck, or back pain.
Brayden Mauchley
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I highly reccomend this place. Everyone is super nice and they were able to fix back pain at a fair price. Also the massage therapist did a great job and is very nice to come to after being adjusted.the experience is quick and painless and very easy. I wouldn't choose any other chiropractic as they are not gentle and can cause pain during the adjustment. They are also often more expensive.

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