Visit a Chiropractor after a Rear-end Collision

whiplash treatment
whiplash treatment

Visit a Chiropractor after a Rear-end Collision and it could change your entire recovery. No one expects to be in an accident, it just happens without any warning.  You could simply be at a stop sign a block away from your home and experience a collision. This can have a lasting impact on your well-being.  What many do not realize is, whiplash, and soft tissue damage can occur with a car traveling less than 10 mph. 

Do not take these cases lightly.  Seek chiropractic treatment after a rear-end collision immediately.  It will save you a great deal of time and discomfort in the long run.  Your legal case will even be strengthened in the long run.

Rear-End Collision Risk Factors

“Magnification of Acceleration”, it’s the principle that demonstrates how the collision at that 10 mph will have much more harsh effects.  Numerous studies show that peak acceleration of one’s head is 2.5 times faster than that experienced by the car.  Additionally, late-model vehicles lack the more recent improvements in bumpers and collision absorption technology.  Much more of the force of impact will be felt in these circumstances. And that means the smartest idea is to visit a chiropractor after any rear-end collision.

Injuries from low-speed collisions can far exceed the soft tissue damage of whiplash.  They can include chest and rib injury, and impacts to the skull. Other sorts of bruising from the seatbelt can occur as well.  Chiropractic treatment is dedicated to a holistic approach and help relieve those injuries without the use of narcotics and surgeries.

Post-Collision Treatment

In addition to visiting a chiropractor after a rear-end collision, you want to seek consultation from a medical doctor as well.  This is to ensure nothing is broken or there are no underlying injuries not readily present. 

Often times, with the spike in adrenaline following an accident we may not feel the immediate pain.  However, even fender benders can cause a variety of neck and cervical injuries.  This can include sprains, ligament tears, and even subdural hematoma or other internal bleeding.

Everybody responds to trauma differently. One thing is certain however, the longer you wait, the harder the recovery will be.  For example, scar tissue may build deposits around a bulging disc as part of the body’s immuno response to trauma.  This leads to loss of mobility and chronic pain in the long run.  Avoid this outcome and ensure you get the treatment you need.  A moderate adjustment, periodic therapeutic massage treatments, and assisted strengthen training will get you just the results you need.

Visiting a Chiropractor Can Increase Legal Options

As with any legal matter whether in the courtroom or through arbitration, there is a plaintiff and a defendant on either side of the matter at hand.  It is up to you as being a partied to the incident to gather the most information and create the most compelling case.  The strongest way to do this as the victim is to immediately seek medical treatment.  Insurance companies or the other driver may attempt to discredit your claims.  They have a financial incentive to diminish the severity of your injuries.  You as the victim should not allow this to happen.  By seeking chiropractic treatment for your injuries, and maintaining proper documentation, your case with be strengthened before any review panel.