Soft Tissue Healing At Our Ogden Chiropractic Clinic

Ever receive a receive a bruise from a rough game of two-hand touch in the park, or perhaps persistent tennis elbow that just won’t go away?  Maybe it’s consistent pain in your shoulder from the repetitive motion of swimming?  These are all examples of soft tissue damage, and we can help get you back on the road to recovery enjoying the things you love.

These types of injuries, whether a result of an automobile or sports accident, can be painful. They can result in inflammation, bruising, and in the long term, loss of function.  At the Pain & Injury Clinic of Utah, our licensed practitioners are able to expertly diagnose your soft tissue healing problem and recommend an effective course of action.  We employ proven techniques that will not will not only help patients recover quicker, but we can also work to strengthen tissue and connecting muscles groups to their previous levels or even better.

Soft tissue healing recovery process:

Inflammation, Organization, Regeneration

Soft tissue strains, like most other injuries, are measured in degrees of severity.  A Grade 1, for instance, may only take 1-2 weeks to heal while a Grade 2 will take 3-4 weeks.  Grade 3’s are much more severe and have longer recovery times.  It is important to remember in all cases it is best to rest once the injury occurs to prevent further damage.  As equally important as rest during this stage is ice.

Initial phase — Benefits of Rest and Ice

Elevate and ice often during this initial phase.  It is recommended at 20 minutes intervals for 2-4 hours during the first three days.  This will greatly reduce the over-response of blood and white blood cells to the area causing redness, swelling and overall pain.  Mitigating these factors allow for the body’s natural histamine response to take hold a further reduce the inflamed state.

Repair Phase — Sub-acute Treatment

After the initial swelling has subsided the body enters what is known as the sub-acute or repair phase.  This is when new scar tissue forms, strengthens and develops around the injury.  It is critical long-term health and mobility to receive the proper physiotherapy treatment during this phase.

Heat treatment is a compliment to regular ice treatments by promoting circulation and tissue repair.

Ultrasound Treatment

Electrotherapies such as ultrasounds are a popular modality that produces a number of positive results.  The specialized machine and tools used create high-wave impulses that when applied to the skin of the affected region not only heat and relax muscles and connective tissue but serve to break down scar tissue while promoting healthy regenerative tissue growth.  Blood flow also increases during this process further.  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines are another good way to do this.  They providing electric impulses through the skin nerve endings to promote quicker growth.  It is also an effective method of pain management without the use of prescription drugs.

Late Stage – Remodeling Phase

Typically four-six weeks out from the initial injury we have patients at the Pain & Injury Clinic of Utah begin a regimen of stretching, strengthening and massage. If the patient does not follow through with this phase of treatment they may be predisposed and at risk of further injury.  Through this process, we work with patients to increase pliability, flexibility, and limberness to take on increasing physical demands.  Lightweight training ensures the muscles, tendons, and myofascial tissue is strong enough to prevent re-injury.