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Massage Therapy After an Auto Accident

Massage therapy can be a vital part of your recovery in the event of an auto accident.  A growing number of studies support this fact as the medical practice and insurance companies are realizing the benefits.  An untold number of both acute and chronic issues can diminish the quality of life for an individual.  Both emotional and psychological pain can be just as traumatic as physical pain.  Adding massage therapy to one’s medical care can be hugely beneficial to not only accident victims, but many patients struggling with pain.  Out-licensed massage therapists have numerous techniques that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Response to Trauma

Your body experiences a “fight or flight” response following a violent impact to your car.  Muscle enzyme levels are jolted as your body enters an inflamed state. Massages are a non-pharmaceutical method with little side-effects.  As part of a holistic approach, massage therapy can decrease tension and stress that has built up in the body.  Using specific techniques and applying pressure to certain muscle groups you can improve the physical state of an injury as a result of decreased inflammation and promoted blood flow.  Patients often report better sleep which allows for the body’s natural response to taken hold.

Massage Therapy for Concussions

Four to five million Americans will visit the emergency room this year as a result of head injuries. They diagnose the majority of these as concussions that can potentially become life-changing. Patients report a noticeable decrease in headaches/migraines, dizziness, and nausea as a result of targeted massage therapy to the head, neck and upper shoulders.

Pain & Injury Clinic in Ogden, UT recommends scheduling at least one 30-minute session per week as part of your chiropractic treatment. You may even require two to three sessions a week depending on the severity of the injury.

Many are finding an improvement in mood and overall emotional state as well.  More medical professionals agree now, no recovery plan is complete without weekly massage therapy.

Decrease Stress, Anxiety, & PTSD with Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy

Dealing with an injury, time off work, loss of mobility and independence all play a factor in an individual’s psychological health.  Certainly, regular massage treatments have proven to combat these symptoms by releasing endorphins, decreasing blood pressure, improving circulation and respiration. Check out our therapy & rehabilitation room facilities.

Anyone can judge for themselves. Contact Pain & Injury Clinic in Ogden Utah to try for yourself.  You are sure to feel the immediate improvements.

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