Chiropractor Clinic Near Uintah, UT

Pain can be a paralyzing thing–we get it.  It says with you each moment of the day, causing you to toss and turn throughout the night, often making matters worse.  The chiropractor & staff of Pain & Injury Chiropractor Clinic, located just 8 minutes from Uintah, UT, dedicate themselves to alleviating pain.

Schedule a consultation and we can design a plan that is best for you and your needs.  We treat sports and work-related injuries, car accidents and other spinal ailments such as herniated discs.  Many times the pain in the back area can be non-specific and result in persistent headaches or migraines.  As part of a holistic approach, we treat this as well and have a proven track record of getting you to pain-free in a few weeks.

General Chiropractor Treatment Near Uintah

Arthritis, obesity, poor posture and even chronic stress can all be culprits for triggering pain.  After a detailed examination, our trained professionals determine a “game plan” that is best for your body and your specific circumstances.  Our team is here working with every aspect of your treatment from beginning to end.

Our physiotherapist will start with heat and ice treatments along with deep stretching exercises to promote healthy circulation in the region and make sure you are limber and mobile enough for any treatment.  Massage therapy helps in this respect as well by releasing endorphins in the body and placing the muscles in a relaxed state.  There are a wide variety of pressures and techniques to employ that will make you feel like you are on the road to recovery.

Chiropractor Clinic Adjustments Near Uintah

Spinal Manipulation Treatment has received a great deal of attention in the past few years.  With increased research and advancements in this area, it has become not only safe and effective but cost-efficient as well.  Utilizing treatments like this have been shown to severely reduce or eliminate the need for pain medications or surgery.

Always work with your medical professional when making decisions, but considering a non-invasion, non-habit-forming option initially is a safe way to go.

Post-accident Chiropractic Treatment

Don’t delay too long after the unfortunate event of an accident. Immediate treatment is your best chance for recovery and long-term mobility. You may experience tenderness, stiffness or sharply acute pain shooting down your spine.  Whiplash is another common injury as a result of a collision.  It can leave you debilitated with decreased range of motion.  In cases like these, the treatment is twofold:

  1. To reduce swelling by assessing and treating soft tissue damage.
  2. Spinal realignment and joint mobilization to reduce long-term effects ensure a range of motion.

Started today on your recovery plan. Contact our chiropractic clinic near Uintah, UT for a consultation and treatment program.