Chiropractic Treatment in South Ogden, Utah

chiropractor clinic in South Ogden, UtahOur patient’s comfort and well-being are the top priorities for us at the Pain and Injury Clinic of Utah, South Ogden. We listen closely to the patient’s needs and set up individualized plans suited for their specific body type.  Pain can be a tricky thing, however.  It can be stubbornly persistent and affect any number of musculoskeletal groups often times dissipating only to return again.  Our experts have dedicated themselves to the science of pain reduction and will stay dedicated to you and the process until you are able to achieve all desired goals.

All that is necessary is a short consultation to understand the origins of the pain. By identifying the injury, our chiropractor can create an individualized treatment plan for your success.

General Chiropractor Treatment

General treatment often begins with several rotations of ice and heat treatment on the affected area.  Ice reduces inflammation and numbs nerve receptors post-treatment activity. Likewise, heat promotes blood flow to the area to speed up recovery times.

Stretching is key and will be a part of any physical therapy routine.  Special chiropractic techniques elongate the muscles of a certain group and increase blood flow. This helps stimulate the bodies natural response to pain or trauma and can accelerate healing.  Numbing sprays can be used on the muscle during this process if the act of stretching the muscle group is uncomfortable to the patient.

Healing massage therapy offers a multitude of benefits extending beyond chiropractic care. Myofascial Release is a massage technique used to stretch the thin sheath of fibrous tissue. It extends the length of the body to release restrictions and restore overall balance. Deep Transverse Friction is another common massage technique that applies oscillating pressure on tissue fibers and tendons to help break down scar tissue and other pain-producing knots in the muscle and connective tissue system.

Our Chiropractor Clinic Can Treat Your Neck, Back, and Chronic Pain

Whether a result of a car or work-related accident or chronic pain that just never seems to get better, we have solutions that will not only increase mobility but improve the overall quality of life.

Spinal manipulation is also known as spinal manipulative therapy or manual therapy. It combines manual impulses to joints, massages, exercise and physical therapy. Typically, “high-velocity, low-amplitude” thrusts from a chiropractor can treat back pain.  This relieves pressure on the joints, reduces inflammation and improves nerve function.  It is a common treatment with proven results from our past patients.

With a dedication to the treatment process, you will see the benefits often within weeks.  Re-gaining much of the flexibility and range of motion you never thought possible is not unheard of. Many patients feel their mood and emotional states improve as stress and anxiety decrease. Chiropractor treatments typically help them regain a pain-free life.

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