Your Rights Under Worker’s Compensation Laws

As the range of work grows, so too does the range of work injuries. Fortunately, we have the right to a safe and healthy workplace. We have become more aware of these rights in recent years, and as a result, worker’s comp claims have become more common. For instance, you have the right to receive aid from your employer if you suffer an injury when performing the duties of your job. It doesn’t matter if your injury was worsened by a past ailment.

How it works: The patient will file a claim and they will typically approve a certain number of visits, once the visits are used up we can submit a request for more visits which may or may not be approved. 

Top Five Causes of Worker’s Compensation Claims

    1. Strains and Sprains:
      Coming in at a whopping 30% of filed claims, strains and sprains are the most filed workplace injury by far. Most claims involving a sprain or strain involve the improper use of materials and mishaps with tools.


    1. Cuts or Punctures:
      The second most common worker’s comp claim involves injuries related to cuts and punctures. These claims make up about 19% of all worker’s comp claims. Cuts or punctures are most often found in the food service and construction trades. If an amputation or skin graft is required, long-term care to manage the injury may be needed.


    1. Contusion:
      A contusion is an injury to tissue that damages blood vessels, often as a result of blunt force trauma. Contusions make up about 12% of workers comp claims and are often the result of being suddenly struck by an object. They can also result from slipping and falling, making them particularly common with older workers and from those with osteoporosis. Contusions are most commonly reported in the construction and mining industries. 

      work injury

      Back injury from inflammation


    1. Inflammation:
      Inflammation is a localized injury that results in swelling and sensitivity, usually within muscles or joints damaged slowly over time. Reports of inflammation makeup 5% of workers comp claims with concerns related to arthritis. Inflammation is the most commonly reported stress injury, meaning that it occurs most often due to the overuse of certain joints and muscles.


  1. Fractures:
    Fractures are more commonly referred to as “broken bones,” and makes up about 5% of workers comp claims. Broken bones sustained while working are often located in the hand or arm and are usually reported within the manufacturing, mining, and construction industries. Experts suspect that mishandling of materials and tools is the most likely cause of fractures when working on the job.

Other Causes of Worker’s Compensation Claims

Though these five injuries are the most commonly reported worker’s comp claims, many other injuries account for the rest of them. Some of the most common include injuries to the eyes and lungs. Breathing problems as a result of inhaling toxic chemicals, and paralysis resulting from electrocution are two more. Crushings and amputations topped the list in terms of the average settlement size.

Work injuries happen every day. If you’ve been injured while performing your job duties, chances are that you’re feeling a host of emotions, ranging from anger at your current condition to fear related to how you’ll pay your bills. At the Pain and Injury Clinic of Utah, we understand that your worker’s comp claim can be stressful, and we understand how important fast and comprehensive medical care can be to your peace of mind. Don’t wait for your work injuries to become worse. Contact the Pain and Injury Clinic in Ogden, UT as soon as possible. We will structure a chiropractic treatment plan for your specific needs that will get you back on the journey to good health.

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