Chiropractic Office in South Weber, Utah

chiropractic clinicIt is estimated that 31 million Americans experience varying degrees of back pain at any given point.  The ailment is the most common reason for missed work and the single leading cause of disability worldwide. It is also one of the reasons chiropractic treatment has become well recognized in the medical profession.

If back or neck pain affects your life, stop in for a consultation–it may just change your life and give you back the mobility you thought you lost.

Whether it is the result of a car accident, sports injury, or poor posture, our chiropractic clinic, just 10 minutes from South Weber, has the experience to improve patient health and well-being.  We offer friendly and knowledgeable services that have been helping patients in South Weber for years.

What Chiropractic Office Services We Offer

  1. Car Accident Recovery

    One of the most common injuries after a car accident (even at low speeds) is whiplash.  Treatment for this can last a few weeks or months depending on the severity of the strain.  Often times there is a great deal of persistent swelling and tenderness in the area making it difficult to understand the root of the pain.  Various therapeutic treatments are at hand with proven results.

    Our Chiropractor has a great deal of experience in this area to properly assess your situation. We will listen to your problem and get you set up on a chiropractic treatment plan for your unique case.

  2. General Chiropractor Adjustments

    Back and neck pain and overall discomfort are not always a result of accident or injury.  On the whole, our work lives have changed greatly where we sit much of the day usually unconscious of our poor posture.  A specialized regime of stretching and massage therapy may be what is need to correct this over weeks.  We also incorporate light weight training to strengthen back and core muscles, as well as information and education session in order for patients to know what lifestyle choices are necessary.

    More serious pain may require spinal manipulation therapy where the pressure is placed on the joints and vertebrae with “high-velocity, low-amplitude” thrusts.  The benefits of this treatment are not only pain reduction but decreased inflammation and improved nerve function.

  3. Message Therapy

    Massage therapy is a holistic approach that will most certainly leave you feeling better than before.  Choose from a number of techniques including myofascial release, deep-transverse friction, or deep-tissue. Our in-house massage therapist will decide which pressure technique and overall massage treatment program is best suited for your recovery.

If you live in South Weber, UT, consider Pain & Injury Clinic of Utah for your next chiropractic treatment. Located just off of Harrison and 46th in Ogden, UT.  Contact us here.