Chiropractor Near Mountain Green, UT

If you are experiencing back/neck pain or were recently in an auto accident, visit our chiropractic clinic near Mountain Green.  We are happy to assess your situation and provide a recovery plan to get you back on your feet.

chiropractic treatmentAt the Pain & Injury Clinic of Utah,  located just 13 minutes from Mountain Green, we understand how frustrating back pain can be for you, or how a traumatic event can upend one’s life.  The experienced chiropractor & friendly staff are second to none and have the experience and technical know-how to get you back living pain-free quickly.

Check out some of our chiropractic techniques and focus areas below:

  1. Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

    Stiffness, tension, and misalignment often occur post-op.  We can work with you on reducing inflammation, increasing the range of motion and targeting areas for spinal adjustments.

    Stretching is an important part of rehabilitation in this respect and is seldom a one person job.  Proper stretching will help increase flexibility and aid recovery.  Extending and holding muscle groups that may be unfamiliar is an excellent way of improving blood flow and strengthening muscles that may have atrophied after a trauma.

  2. Whiplash

    The most common injury as a result of an auto collision is whiplash.  This can often have a delayed response but can vary from slight discomfort to throbbing pain shooting down the spine.  Clinicians can work with you on ice and heat treatment to handle inflammation and promote healthy circulation, respectively.  Massage therapy can reduce the tension and allow for more relaxation so your body can do its work as well.  Strength training with build associated muscles to improve posture and balance.

  3. Spinal Manipulation Treatment (SMT)

    To relieve pressure on the joints, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function spinal manipulation is a useful technique.  Pain & Injury’s highly-trained chiropractor can isolate the cervical discs that lie between vertebrae in the neck and spine.  These discs act as “shock absorbers” during any trauma and can suffer following an auto accident.  If there are any pre-existing ailments a medical professional should always be consulted as treatments can always take place with the coordination of your physician.

  4. Healing Massage Therapy

    Massage therapy whether post-accident, as part of a back realignment regime or simply to reduce stress and tension in the body, is a critical part of one’s recovery and well-being.  The research is growing as more studies are dedicated to the links to wellness.  Insurance companies are recognizing this as well and covering these costs too.

    Massages scan improve circulation, reduce stress, and allow for the body’s natural healing response to take hold.  Techniques like deep-transverse friction employ different types of pressure and result in overall nerve function improvements.

We have been helping people rehabilitate their injuries for years. Visit our chiropractic clinic near Mountain Green, Utah to start your treatment. When you come to your auto accident injury or back pain, Pain & Injury Clinic of Utah, you are always in a well-regulated, safe and friendly environment.  Contact us to schedule your consultation and chiropractic treatment appointment.