Chiropractic Care for College Students

Chiropractic care for college students
Back Pain Treatment and Prevention

Chiropractic care for the college student population is not always on the forefront of students or their parent’s minds.

Heading off to college can be an exciting, even thrilling time, yet it does not always allow for optimal health during a student’s four-year stay.  Unfortunately, so many college students neglect to take care of their physical and mental health while hitting the books.

Firstly, any student wants to avoid developing bad habits that can lead to chronic back pain for years or even a lifetime.  This is a major life-changing event with many distractions.  With that lies the potential for many physical ailments and problems down the line. Scheduling routine sessions with a massage clinician will not only keep your spine in line and feeling great, it can also prevent problems before they even occur.

Let’s examine a few helpful chiropractic care measures for college students:

Issue: College Students and Long-term Sitting

With longer classes and late nights studying you are more than likely hunched over a keyboard or another mobile device.  Without even realizing it, this can place a great deal of stress can be placed on the body.

Solution: Massage Therapy

  • Weekly scheduled massages and adjustments can assist with:
    • Ensuring spinal alignment
    • Relax tension in the muscles
    • Reduce inflammation
  • Work out a tailor-made for the student-lifestyle
    • Improve circulation
      • Can lead to faster recovery times

Typically, students wait until the pain is unbearable to take action.  This is problematic because the road to recovery takes much longer.  Prevent problems before they even occur or when you first feel discomfort.  Your attention should be focused on your schoolwork, not trying to bring your health up to par.

Issue: Poor Posture

On average students dedicate 2-3 hours of study time per hour spent in class.  With 16-20 units per semester this can make for a great deal of time in the seated position typically under stress.  This puts added pressure on your spinal discs and can lead to a buildup of tension.  Headaches and restless nights can ensue and lead to a downward spiral.

Solution: Chiropractic Adjustment for College Students

To address the tightness in soft tissues, spinal discs compression and other effects simply set up chiropractic adjustment session. Regular adjustments realign your spine, reduce pressure on discs and help to relax tightness in muscles and other soft tissues.

Did You Know?

Sixty pounds is roughly the weight of four bowling balls or the average 8-year-old?  That is the exact amount of force placed on the head of a person who is looking down at her phone.

According to Nielsen, the average American logs about an hour a day on their smartphone. And given the average college student’s lifestyle, you can be certain this figure is much higher for 18-22 year-olds.  Now, with advancements in digital media, you actually see people watching entire movies or sporting events on their mobile devices.  This can wreak havoc on your neck and spine.  Due to the fact that these are all recent changes that have transformed the way we live there is simply not the medical research dedicated to finding the long-term effects of this type of use. 

For students considering treatment for any discomfort do yourself a favor and act soon.  An initial consultation and a few sessions of therapeutic massages, adjustments and assisted stretching will have you back on campus feeling brand new.