Back Pain Treatment & Prevention

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Back pain treatment and prevention is an important part of our overall health. Patients typically describe it as a twinge in the small of the back. Still, others say it is the pinching sensation in your neck creeping down to your shoulders. However it is characterized, pain can be debilitating. Worse even, the nerve endings in the spine shooting that sharp pain down the length of your back make it hard for you to think of much else.  Many experience back pain as a result of office work, trouble sleeping, or even general stress in our lives.

Back Pain Treatment, Therapies, and Techniques  

With more study and research put into this area, chiropractors have a large number of methods to treat your pain.  These are all considered a part of the holistic approach of back pain treatment. They are non-invasion and do not even require harsh medications.  In fact, if you are currently on medicines these techniques will gradually allow you to taper off and better manage your pain.

Schedule a visit to the Pain & Injury Clinic of Utah for an initial consultation.  Certified clinicians will decide which method, or combination of methods, works best for you and your circumstances.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Back Pain –

We always recommend that you work closely with your chiropractic professional and doctor. Regular adjustments are the best preventative measure a person can take.  Over time, discs can degenerate or poor posture can cause a disc to slip out of alignment. Properly identifying the correct area of concern is key. Applying the proper amount of pressure and thrusting action to the joints will restore proper alignment. Most notice improvements in as little as a single session. Ultimately, this leads to lower levels of inflammation and a reduction in the pain a patient experiences.    

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is also referred to as “spinal manipulative therapy” or “manual therapy”.  Using a specific set of precise mechanics, this method takes back adjustments one step further.  Here, “high-velocity, low-amplitude” thrusts achieve many of the same results as a basic adjustment.

Back Pain Treatment: Massage Therapy –

Massage therapies are an excellent way to enhance one’s overall treatment.  The process releases natural endorphins that not only relax you at the moment but actually reduce stress and anxiety.  Techniques such as myofascial release, deep-transverse friction, or deep-tissue are a great tool to prevent the build-up of tension that can lead to chronic pain.

Assisted Stretching

Consistent stretching done with the aid of a chiropractor and muscle stretch therapist will improve mobility and promote healing.  This aids in recovery by elongating the muscle groups around the spine such as Latissimus dorsi and Trapezius and reduce pressure on the nerves.

Ultrasound Treatment/ Electrotherapy Treatments –

Ultrasound and electrotherapies are growing in popularity for back pain treatment.  These treatments primarily involve special machines that create high-wave impulses that heat and relax muscles and connective tissue.  This penetrates deep in the muscle on a cellular level where massage therapies alone cannot achieve.  These treatments also serve to breakdown harmful scar tissue and promote the growth of healthy regenerative tissue.