A Chiropractor Visit Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

personal injury claimHow our Chiropractor Clinic in Ogden, UT Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

Once you start a claim following an auto accident, insurance companies will seek to minimize the payouts or avoid it altogether.  From the insurers perspective, they are a corporation that has a profit motive.  Too often, this motive can be counter to your needs.  As an insured victim involved in an automobile accident, you are entitled to compensation. Pain & Injury Clinic will work with your insurance company to cover your treatments and provide your lawyer with the necessary documentation to support your case.

More severe accidents that cause obvious physical damage to a person and vehicle are simpler because the damage is obvious.  Moderate to light collision claims are the most contested. This does not mean your pain and discomfort is any less real with less impact on your quality of life.  Remember, collisions occurring even at 30 mph can cause significant damage to the joints and nerves.

Chiropractor Treatments Strengthen Your Personal Injury Case

Photos and auto shop invoices document the physical damage done to your car.  Evidence of services rendered by a licensed chiropractor acts in much the same way.  Send this, along with any medical documents, to the claims adjuster.  It demonstrates treatment was necessary after the accident and shows your commitment to recovery due to real injuries.

You may seek reimbursement of medical expenses and also payment for lost wages. This is often the case when you are unable to perform a physical activity at work as you once did. Many also seek punitive payments when the at-fault driver is found to be negligent.

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck & Spinal Pain

With neck and spinal pain, symptoms can take weeks or months to present themselves, requiring treatment.  Claimants often miss opportunities to have these expenses paid down the road covered because of a quick settlement process.  By receiving chiropractic care as early as possible you have documented that bodily harm did, in fact, occur, and established that future and on-going care may be necessary at a later point.  Without treatment, it is more difficult to persuade an insurance company that you deserve compensation due to prolonged pain.  As a result, the victim may incur the full cost of their medical treatment.

Always consult with legal experts that specialize in this field.  Keep all medical records, police records, dates, and witness testimony in order.  With this in order, you will have a much easier time in the weeks following the accident and can focus on improving your physical health.


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